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Dance Associates Austin, Inc.’ Special Approach to Teaching Children

It is because of our sincere love for children that we at have chosen to work with children. We are aware of the awesome responsibility of guiding children through an exploration of their most valuable resources -- themselves! At Dance Associates Austin, Inc., we believe that children can be taught a high level of awareness through our “Skilled Arts Program” (copyrighted curriculum). In this program, children develop awareness of themselves as physical, social, and creative beings; they develop awareness of themselves as organizers of experiences and as active participants in their environment. They learn what their bodies can do, how they are put together, and what strength and energy they have. As we guide children in their experiences of The Skilled Arts, we look for two important factors that tell us the children are growing -- joy and involvement. Our curriculum introduces concepts of the Skilled Arts as the children’s physical and mental capacities develop. Our developmental approach allows for long-term development of skills, and our special emphasis on creativity easily accommodates children entering the program at any age. The Instructor’s approach to teaching Dance Associates Austin, Inc. ’ specially designed curriculum is what makes us unique. The curriculum balances Developmental Technique with Creative Skills to enrich the whole child’s perceptions of movement. Click here to read more about us.

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The Dance Associates Austin Instructor approaches teaching based on the mental, physical, emotional, and social development of the class in a step by step manner to ensure that each child progresses successfully.

The Dance Associates Austin Instructor has a vast knowledge of imagery and visuals to entice involvement, organic flow, and quality of movement. The instructor uses a positive manner that builds self-confidence and a secure body image. Creative Movement, Creative Drama, and props are included to teach concepts, which add fun, and variation to the classes while the instructor maintains a specific intent and goal in mind.

Creative gymnastics exercises

Thematic Approach to Teaching
Entire lessons are available to our teachers to use with a theme in mind coordinating music, props and activities surrounding a theme. These include “Silly Circus”, “Dinosaur Discovery”, “Our World Our Planet”, “Winter Wonderland”, “Visions of Spring”, “Super Summer Splash”, “Fall Festival”, “The Mermaid”, “Jellical Ball”, “Horsefeathers”, and more.
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